What is a Mastermind?

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle in Think and Grow Rich and defined it as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

The definition of a mastermind group is straightforward: a group of peers who meet to give each other advice and support. It’s similar to mentoring, but has several important differences. First, it will have five or six members, instead of being a one-on-one meeting. In a mastermind group, you will both give and receive advice, while in a mentorship, you’ll typically be on the receiving end.

Mastermind groups can also involve brainstorming, educational presentations and even discussing personal issues. So what is a mastermind group really? It is a “meeting of the minds” in every sense – a place where you can speak the truth and expect it in return.

Quarterly Topics

Each quarter we will be breaking apart a different part of business. These topics will include operations, sales, marketing and networking.

Monthly Workshops

Each month we will be featuring an expert on the quarterly topic, helping us apply the monthly topic. These workshops will be hosted in person at the Buckhead Club.

Weekly Calls

Each week we will be having accountability and hot seat calls that will assist each member of the group apply the monthly lesson directly into their business.

Benefits of a Mastermind:

The benefits of mastermind groups are vast. In the best groups, members hold each other accountable for their goals – driving each other to reach the highest levels of success. The most important answer to the question, “What is a mastermind group?” is that it’s a resource you can tap into for support, advice and celebration. Mastermind groups are a supportive community that celebrate your successes and understand your failures. They always encourage you to get back up again, and when you do achieve a goal, they’ll be there to celebrate your success. 

This mastermind goes one step further. Beyond the benefits of a standard mastermind, the Business Builders will partner you with another Builder to form a mentor and mentee relationship. This will help you learn how to market and sell to that younger demographic or help you learn from an executive that has successfully been in business for years. 

Build Your Network

A quality mastermind group will allow you to leverage the power of proximity to elevate your own life. You’ll be around other driven businesspeople who will energize you to go after your goals. Mastermind groups also share business contacts and provide recommendations and references – a big help if you’re just starting out.

Share Your Ideas

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, want to grow your existing one or are starting to think about your exit strategy, this group will be the place where you can share your ideas and get feedback. The Business Builders will brainstorm with you, provide a different perspective and “poke holes” in your strategies that you may not have thought of yet.

Elevate Your Skills

An ideal mastermind group brings together businesspeople at different levels of success and with different strengths and weaknesses. This way, each member can lend their strengths to other members of the group and work on their weaknesses. Mastermind groups will help you question your limiting beliefs, face your fears and challenge you to do better, every day.


First Quarter

Our first quarter will be focused on getting to know each other, learning about our businesses and diving in to business operations and foundations. During this quarter, you will build a revised business plan that will help you to be on target in 2021

First Quarter

01 June 2021

Second Quarter

Our second quarter is going to focus on Marketing and integrating a new marketing strategy into your business. You will develop a marketing strategy through topics such as: digital marketing, print marketing, platform selection and branding.

Second Quarter

01 September 2021

Third Quarter

Our Third quarter will be focused on implementing and learning more about sales tactics and strategies. During this quarter, you will build and design a revised sales strategy. These topics include: sales strategy, presentations, pitching and closing.

Third Quarter

01 January 2022

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter of the program will focus on networking, building relationships and proper prospecting. Topics include: networking etiquette, virtual networking, in-person networking and building relationships from all perspectives of leaders

Fourth Quarter

01 April 2022


Zack A. Knight, MBA

Zack started his leadership journey working in the metro-Atlanta area as a police officer and SWAT Operator. After seven years serving his local community, he transitioned to the role of an Infantry Leader in the U.S. Army and continued to serve during a combat deployment to Afghanistan and locally with the Georgia National Guard.

In between time away with the military, Zack has been able to build six businesses ranging from a security consulting firm, a domestic violence awareness non-profit, to an international dance competition he and his business partner grew to over 150 countries in the first year of operation.


At the center of his journey, Zack is focused on two things, service and leadership. His podcast, The Tactical Leader, furthers this journey and his service, helping him and his audience learn and grow from leaders across the world. 

Some of Our Experts

Here are some of the industry leaders that have taught our workshops.

Michael Coles

Founder of Great American Cookie Co

Steve Sims

Founder of Bluefish

Evan Carmichael

Founder of Built to Serve

Nico Salgado Real Estate Investor

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, Zack will help you get to the finish line! His systematic and strategic approach to business sets him apart as a real leader. One of Zack's defining skills is his ability to work creatively through problems. Conversations with Zack turn into mastermind sessions that will expand your horizons! I highly recommend working with Zack!

Corryn Kivett Business Coach

After working with Zack, I had a clear strategy in place to reach my goals and what steps I needed to take to get there. I had so much more clarity in the direction I was going in my business. Zack genuinely cares about you and your business and digs into what it is that’s going to get you the results that you want.

Jesse Paul Smith Founder of My Creative District

I’ve always struggled with being consistent on the operations side of my business and making sure the day to day activities are being executed properly. Working with Zack Knight and Be a Tactical Leader has brought my ideas to light and taken my company to heights that I never could ever have happened without Zack’s help.


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