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Zack started his leadership journey working in the metro-Atlanta area as a police officer and SWAT Operator. After seven years serving his local community, he transitioned to the role of an Infantry Leader in the U.S. Army and continued to serve during a combat deployment to Afghanistan and locally with the Georgia National Guard.

In between time away with the military, Zack has been able to build six businesses ranging from a security consulting firm, a domestic violence awareness non-profit, to an international dance competition he and his business partner grew to over 150 countries in the first year of operation.


At the center of his journey, Zack is focused on two things, service and leadership. His podcast, The Tactical Leader, furthers this journey and his service, helping him and his audience learn and grow from leaders across the world.  

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Tactical Coaching

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Zack is great at helping you determine what your next step is and then keeping you accountable to actually moving forward!

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