Mark S. A. Smith

“It’s not about being right. It’s about learning at every step. It’s about growing at every step.” – Mark S A Smith

In this episode of Tactical Friday, Mark S A Smith comes back to get into detail on what it takes to be a nimble leader. He discusses the significance of willingness and shifting the mindset of fear. To be a nimble leader, one must be willing to fail forward and not cower from the chaos, rather run towards it.

Main Takeaways: 

  • Reframing Representation – Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Taking Ownership in the Lens You’re Looking At

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Check out NimbilityWorks to learn how to master the art of seizing upheavals so your company successfully grows through the chaos and be upheaval-literate for the rest of your career. Connect with him on Twitter: #MarkSASmith and on LinkedIn:

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“Leaders go where nobody has been before. A true nimble leader invents a future that does not exist using methods that have not yet been invented, where best practices have not yet been established.” – Mark S A Smith

In today’s episode, Mark S A Smith discusses what it is to be a nimble leader – applying resilience and innovation in a chaotic world. The shifting economy calls for a renewed perspective in leadership and Mark points out the need for resilience and targeting blind spots without power play.

After a successful career in helping to bring to market billions of dollars of disruptive technology, Mark S A Smith works with heart-centered leaders faced with chaos and upheavals to bring them new perspective to make wise decisions. As we transition from the Experience Economy, where people bought what was memorable, to the Transformation Economy, where people buy meaningful, authentic, and socially responsible, business models from the past fall apart. The solution is Nimbility, which is the intersection of resilience and innovation. This is exemplified in his two new books, The Nimble C-Suite: How to Align the Diverse Strengths of Your Executive Team to Predictably Deliver Extraordinary Results in a Transformational Economy, and The Nimble Company: A Proactive, Socially Responsible Framework for Driving Sustained Profits and Growth in a Chronically Chaotic World. Co-founder of NimbilityWorks, a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders embrace Nimbility, he brings his broad leadership perspective, extensive business models, and tightly-honed coaching skills to leaders who desire to lead transformational businesses and teams that make a difference. Learn more at

[00:01 – 07:54] Opening Segment

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  • Mark S A Smith on being a nomad and living in a tiny house in a truck
  • Turning the nomad desire into a business then being paid to work in 54 countries
  • Eliminating fear to let inspiration take on and mitigate risks

[07:55 – 15:36] How Leaders Break Through and Defy the Odds

  • Deep psychic wounds in the aftermath of COVID-19
  • Defining a nimble leader defying the odds with courage and valor
  • Moving into the transformational economy and being focused on the creation

[15:37 – 26:08] What it Takes to be a Nimble Leader

  • The seven critical skills to being a successful sustainable leader
  • The blindspots in culture and the three elements that encourage disruption
  • How infallible C-suites are a myth and how the lessons of history repeat themselves

[26:09 – 35:30] The Value of Blindspotting and Resilience

  • Allowing blind spotting in the company without the power play
  • Learning how to operate in a state of uncertainty
  • The virtue of resilience in a brittle system

[35:31 – 38:54] Closing Segment

  • The legacy Mark wants to create – offering a systematic approach required for people to change the world
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Key Quotes: 

“Leading out of fear is merely defensive. And you cannot make advances when you’re afraid. You have to be without fear so that you can create. Creation only comes, inspiration only comes in the absence of fear.” – Mark S A Smith

“When you sell by making the customer the hero, life changes radically. And you can become extremely nimble, because you’re no longer fixed on the product. Instead, you’re fixed on the customer.” – Mark S A Smith

“The most dangerous thing that a leader can do is foresee the future through the lens of the past.” – Mark S A Smith 

Connect with Mark

Check out NimbilityWorks to learn how to master the art of seizing upheavals so your company successfully grows through the chaos and be upheaval-literate for the rest of your career. Connect with him on Twitter: #MarkSASmith and on LinkedIn:


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