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Bill Coletti bio photoWelcome back to another episode of Tactical Leadership! This week, I welcome Bill Coletti, a reputation management strategist and a keynote speaker. With his 25+ years of experience in risk management, he will show us his process of helping people and how branding and reputation play a big role in crises. He will give us strategic processes and frameworks on how his company, Kith Crisis Management, helps businesses and companies maintain and protect their reputations.

Tactical Friday: Simulating Risks in All Forms with Bill Coletti

We often do nothing about possible threats and crises because of the “it hasn’t happened yet” mentality. But today, we will talk about the importance of preparedness and knowing what you can do in the midst of a crisis.

Welcome back to Tactical Friday! I welcome back Bill Coletti to share the details of the services that he offers. His simulations range from full-scale collaborative simulations to just-add-water type of pre-packaged exercises.

He will also share the impact and value of crisis simulations and how the curation of these ultimately affects its value.

Let’s jump right in and learn how you can protect yourself from crises!

[00:01 – 03:11] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Bill to the show 
  • Reaching out to Bill
  • Creating Kith Academy
  • 8 modules to make you more resilient

[03:12 – 07:21] Risk and Crisis

  • Simulations
  • Full-scale crisis simulation
  • Live phone calls, video injects
  • Desktop simulations
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Not time constrained Do-it-yourself Pre-packaged tabletop exercises

[07:22 – 10:54] The Impact and Value of Crisis Simulations

  • Bill talks about how curating the simulation effects is value
  • Realistic risk management adds more value

[10:55 – 12:25] Closing Segment

  • See links below to see more of Bill Coletti
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “That makes it less important if it becomes like an escape room that you do with your buddies on a Friday night. That doesn’t really change the world.” – Bill Coletti
  • “We try to make them less about setting your hair on fire, and more about identifying gaps and critical solutions to make the organization better over the long term in a thoughtful type of way.” – Bill Coletti

You can connect with Bill through LinkedIn and Twitter, or you can visit his website at

Risk Management and Protecting Your Reputation with Bill Coletti

Let’s jump right in and learn how we can protect ourselves in this virtual world!

[00:01 – 07:01] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and want content that DELIVERS, go over to (!
  • I introduce Bill to the show
  • Helping people come back
  • People calling during a crisis and solving in the moment
  • Bill’s process of helping people
  • Keeping in the middle spot of the spinning wheel
  • Experience, expertise, and pattern recognition

[07:02 – 16:56] Virtual Reputation 

  • Bill differentiates branding from reputation
  • Brand: driving economic value to the organization
  • Reputation: Operating your business impacted by the public
  • The 4A Framework Awareness, assessment, authority, and action based on the 4 P’s of marketing
  • Authenticity should come from the process of 4 A’s

[16:57 – 29:17] Communication in Crisis 

  • Speed as a key between good and great communication
  • Mission and values + chain of command = speed
  • Bill’s firm around the three basic risks Strategic, preventable, and external risks
  • Each one dictates different response

[29:18 – 38:33] Taking Action

  • Bill talks about why reputation matters and how it relates to people
  • How mission and values relate to reputation

[38:34 – 41:39] Closing Segment

  • What’s your legacy to the world?
  • I want people not to need me
  • See links below to see more of Bill Coletti

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “A company owns its brand, but the public owns its reputation.” – Bill Coletti
  • “Reputation matters because it matters to people that matter to you.” – Bill Coletti
  • “If we wanna be good in crisis communication, speed is the differentiator.” – Bill Coletti

You can connect with Bill through LinkedIn and Twitter, or you can visit his website at

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