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Brad Lea bio photo.Welcome back to another week of Tactical Leadership! Today, I welcome the chairman and CEO of Lightspeed VT, Brad Lea. He will give us another perspective on leadership, and how it boils down to three simple things: confidence, kindness, and empathy. He will also share the steps to boosting the needed confidence and how he sets up his morning to achieve the level of energy that he will show today. But all of this is not for himself. He is set on helping others through getting knowledge from people who have it to people who need it.

Tactical Friday: How to Stop Tolerating Your Limiting Beliefs with Brad Lea

It’s all in your hands. If you don’t want something, then stop tolerating it. But If you need that thing, then start appreciating it.

Welcome back to Tactical Leadership! Today, I welcome back Brad Lea to share with us what it takes to train and educate people with content, repetition, and accountability. This aligns with the very purpose of his company Lightspeed VT in the virtual space.

Brad will also give some powerful insights on why we limit ourselves and how do we finally get out of that loop.

[00:01 – 06:53] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Brad to the show
  • Brad teaches us how to properly do an online training program

[06:54 – 11:27] The Four Ingredients to Train People 

  • Good content, repetition, practice, and accountability
  • Brad expresses how companies waste money on not training their employees properly
  • Accountability in the virtual space
  • Giving leaders the ability to track, monitor, and measure people

[11:28 – 17:32] Take Action Today

  • Inactivity is rationalizing your limiting beliefs
  • The sacred six and falling in love with yourself
  • Stop tolerating the things you don’t like about yourself

[17:33 – 19:17] Closing Segment

  • See links below to see more of Brad
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “We’re not training somebody unless they have good content, repetition, practice, and accountability.” – Brad Lea
  • “Anything that works seems uncomfortable…businesses need to get uncomfortable if they want to train their people.” – Brad Lea
  • “To know yourself, man, is the best gift in the world!” – Brad Lea

You can connect with Brad Lea through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or you can visit and

Knowledge from People Who Have It to People Who Need It with Brad Lea

Let’s jump right in and start winning!

[00:01 – 09:23] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Brad Lea to the show LightspeedVT
  • Better self-worth is better relationships
  • The appreciation of waking up the next morning
  • Mindset and gratitude

[09:24 – 15:11] Setting the Morning Stage

  • Gratitude and the four key areas
  • Health, relationships, money, mind
  • Writing down five people to build a relationship with
  • Five things that will feed the revenue

[15:12 – 26:32] The Sacred Six:

  • Developing the Confidence,
  • Forgive yourself
  • Commit to doing what you say you do
  • Rack up the wins
  • Weed out the idiots
  • Visualize exactly what you want
  • Seek knowledge

[26:33 – 33:38] What’s Leadership?

  • Anyone who has an influence on others
  • Confidence, kindness, and empathy as the key points in good leadership
  • Brad’s recommended resources
  • Learn to sell clothes and persuade
  • Embracing the difference and the spontaneity

[33:39 – 36:20] Closing Segment

  • Brad’s legacy to the world
  • Getting the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it
  • See links below to find more of Brad Lea

Tweetable Quotes:  “

  • The higher self-worth you have and the higher you value yourself, the better off you are in any relationship.” – Brad Lea
  • “Just realize that when you wake up in the morning, that’s more valuable than a million dollars.” – Brad Lea
  • “When we unselfishly help other people, we end up helping ourselves.” – Brad Lea “Confidence is really just a memory of winning.” – Brad Lea

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Brad Lea through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or you can visit and

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