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Clifford Starks bio photoWe are all capable of bringing heaven on earth. In today’s week of Tactical Leadership, I welcome former UFC fighter Clifford Starks to share with us his mission of bringing out the best in other people. As a self-mastery coach, he will talk about how his athleticism has helped people be at their optimal performance state and spreading that through a ripple effect.

Tactical Friday: The Power of Six with Clifford Starks

In today’s episode of Tactical Friday, I welcome back self-development coach and former UFC fighter Clifford Starks to walk us through his power of six system. His six step-by-step program covers everything from achieving clarity on our goals to being consistent in our everyday lives. These steps are definitely well nuanced and well balanced to cover everything that it takes to have personal development. Let’s jump right in and see how we can be a fighter in self-growth as well!

[00:01 – 1:02] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Clifford to the show

[1:03 – 10:17] Six Module Step-by-Step Program

  • Being certain, clear, and committed
  • Clarity being achieved by the right questions
  • Having an effective plan and system
  • Passionate action
  • Action that knows where it’s going and where it’s attacking
  • Energy that moves forward
  • Fully loving the experience
  • Unshakeable faith
  • Believing the goal and the process
  • Taking the foundation of responsibility
  • What you can and can’t control
  • Being in full alignment
  • Consistently showing your best and having fun

[10:18 – 12:28] Closing Segment

  • See links below to connect with Clifford Starks
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If you’re certain of yourself, then you have a chance. And if you’re clear on where you’re looking to go, then you have a chance. And if you’re committed to the process, then you have a chance.” – Clifford Starks
  • “To get clarity, sometimes we just need the right questions asked to us to pull out answers we didn’t know we even had.” – Clifford Starks “Tough times come but tough people last.” – Clifford Starks

You can connect with Clifford by joining his Facebook group Awaken the Greatness Within or you can directly message him at his profile.

From The Octagon Ring to The Whole World with Clifford Starks

[00:01 – 6:26] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Clifford to the show
  • Clifford shares his background and what being an athlete has done for him
  • Journey from being a college wrestler to being a UFC fighter
  • Clifford’s mindset upon entering the octagon
  • Go in knowing that you’re a badass

[6:27 – 10:36] The Badass Entrepreneur and the Power of Six

  • Putting in the reps
  • Knowing where you’re strong and where you’re weak
  • Getting your mind and body right
  • Clifford talks about the importance of maintaining physical health
  • The power of six system being geared to everyone aiming for personal development

[10:37 – 19:06] Doubling Down the Characteristics

  • Pushing people to their “enough is enough”
  • Listening to your gut voice and telling people what they need to hear
  • Clifford talks about the blindspots of top performers
  • Confidence vs. competence
  • Death of a relative as
  • Clifford’s turning point to live fully 

[19:07 – 23:05] Closing Segment

  • What’s the legacy that you want to leave to the world?
  • Helping 1 billion people
  • Connect with Clifford with the links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “Be as aware as you possibly can on your journey and do as much as you can.” -Clifford Starks
  • “What I loved about having my athletic background is you never know what’s going to happen when you step inside of a cage, and honestly, I think people are always stepping inside of their cage.” – Clifford Starks
  • “People sometimes are afraid to give their all because they know they’re going to fail. You’re supposed to fail! But you get better the more misses you get.” Clifford Starks

You can connect with Clifford by joining his Facebook group Awaken the Greatness Within or you can directly message him on his Facebook profile

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