Don Joseph Goewey

Tactical Friday: Be Aware to Be in Control with Don Joseph Goewey

“What you are aware of, you control. And what you’re unaware of controls you.” – Don Joseph

Welcome to this episode of Tactical Friday! In today’s episode, Don Joseph brings us to the practical steps we can take in recognizing our triggers, establishing a healthy viewpoint with our emotions, and ultimately, finding our way to fulfillment.

[00:01 – 00:41] Opening Segment

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[00:42 – 12:12] Tactical Steps to Getting Unstuck – On the Way to Success

  • Getting unstuck
  • Recognize how your brain is wired to perceive demands.
  • Short-lived satisfaction or suffering
  • Ridding the dysfunctional program
  • The way there is awareness to establish control.
  • Targeting the thoughts and painful emotions
  • Get to know what’s going on inside you to find out what sabotages your happiness and peace.
  • Repressing and identifying emotions
  • Get past them by going through them. Allow yourself to feel.
  • Step back for objectivity
  • Do not say I am depressed, fearful, etc.
  • Everything passes, especially emotions
  • Allowing peace, happiness, and relief
  • Feeling the connection is fulfillment that is already within you

[12:31 – 14:36] Closing Segment  

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  • Closing words 


Key Quote/s: 

“We are programmed to lean into that, to let that fear have its way with us. And you know, when that happens, you expend a whole lot of energy coping with these negative emotions by expanding even more energy by trying to rearrange the world around you.” – Don Joseph

“There you are in the middle of the torment…acknowledging it may not be reality and watching it as it passes. And when it does pass, you’re free. So relax into feeling free, let your mind be quiet. Observe the peace, and the happiness, the joy, the sense of joy, the sense of relief that arises in you all by itself without you having to do anything. Coming up right behind it is this feeling of connection with all that is, that’s fulfillment. That’s why seeking fulfillment and the outside world doesn’t work. It’s already in you, you’ve already fulfilled. It doesn’t come from the outside, it’s your natural state.” – Don Joseph

Awareness and Life's Journey towards Fulfillment with Don Joseph Goewey

“Stop fixing yourself. You know, we spend our whole lives trying to fix ourselves getting nowhere. There’s nothing to fix.” – Don Joseph

Welcome to another week of Tactical Leader! In today’s episode, we have our guest, Don Joseph. He shares his story that triggered the biggest downfall yet became the same springboard to further self-awareness. From this discussion, it shows that deep understanding of oneself, acknowledging the pain points, allowing emotions to conquer and letting it pass, and finding the right outlets by choice are the true indicators of holistic growth, and ultimately, fulfillment.

Don Joseph Goewey is the executive director of the Center for Spiritual Exchange, which is the official archive for all the works of Anthony De Mello. Previously, Don directed a human performance firm that consulted with Fortune 100 companies to alleviate employee stress and elevate people’s experience of work and life. He has also managed the department of psychiatry at Stanford University Medical School, and headed an institute that pioneered a psycho-spiritual approach to overcoming catastrophic life events and which in 2005 was awarded the Excellence in Medicine metal by the American Medical Association. Don is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The End of Stress: Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain, which is based on breakthroughs in neuroscience that facilitate the shift in mindset that changes brain structure to quiet stress reactions and amplify the higher brain function that predicts greater success and happiness in life.

[00:01 – 03:23] Opening Segment

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  • Get to know Don Joseph
  • Committing his life to helping people navigate the way to live happier, more fulfilled lives
  • Starting out as a carpenter

[03:24 – 17:20] Our Life Events that Trigger the Awakening of Our Better Selves

  • Soft skills on effective leadership
  • Emotional intelligence is undervalued yet the most significant indicator of paving the way towards fulfillment.
  • How we are programmed in life
  • The concept of success had been crafted by society, but it does not equate to fulfilment.
  • Identifying what’s truly important
  • Stress is not simply from outward events – it is happening in you.
  • Identifying stressors to understand our reactions
  • Turn of events towards growth
  • Don talks about losing his job and being diagnosed with a critical illness
  • Realizing that the crippling fear was worse
  • Getting over emotional turmoil is a great feat but know that it shall pass.
  • Recognizing what is being made up in your head
  • Do not underestimate the power of attitude.

[17:21 – 33:11] Demystifying the Paradigms of Success, Brokenness, and Awareness

  • Showing up more available to people
  • The quality of your life experience is determined by your relationship with people.
  • Becomes the number one factor to success
  • Redefining the meaning of success
  • The truth is that success doesn’t come from the outside world, but within us.
  • The dangers of external validation
  • Recognize that you are not broken. You are not some problem to be solved.
  • Understanding to drop false beliefs
  • A tap on the shoulder from the Universe
  • Awareness is not difficult, we just do not want to feel the distress and disconnection.
  • Steps to awareness

[33:12 – 41:29] Closing Segment  

  • The legacy Don wants to create:
  • Given the opportunity to be loving instead of fearful, chose to be loving
  • Connect with Don (links below) 
  • Visit his website, Linkedin, and more! 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!


Key Quote/s: 

“Peace has eluded them [some ‘successful’ people], their relationships aren’t as fulfilling and aren’t as loving as they could have been, their whole focus has been on, you know, making their mark in the outside world. And they really recognize that, you know, success is important, but their happiness, their peace of mind, their loving relationships are actually more important.” – Don Joseph

“Society programmed, that joy, that happiness, that state of wonder, that ability to be at peace, the ability to feel connected to all that is, it’s stamped into us to believe that happiness and self worth are found out there in the world. And if we look, you know, we work hard, and long enough, success is going to come and out of that happiness and fulfillment will follow… We realize that success doesn’t come from the outside world, it comes from within me.” – Don Joseph

“Fulfillment doesn’t come from the world, Happiness doesn’t come from the world… Happiness comes from within you. And that’s why…the greatest challenge that we face, every day and throughout our lives is a spiritual challenge.” – Don Joseph

“The first place to start is to recognize that you’re not broken, you’re not some problem to be solved, you’re okay. And if there’s a problem, it’s the way you were programmed to believe that without something, or some person, or some outcome, or result, or success, you can’t be happy. And it’s a false belief.” – Don Joseph



Stop Fixing Yourself: Wake Up, All Is Well by Anthony De Mello

The End of Stress: Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain by Don Joseph 

Connect with Don

Visit his website at

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