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Tactical Friday: Recruiting and Retaining Gen Zers with Hannah Williams

“We can all read books and learn some great information from them. But it’s what we do with it that really matters.” – Hannah Williams

Welcome to this episode of Tactical Friday! In today’s episode, I welcome Hannah Williams back to explicate the practical processes businesses can employ to attract, recruit, and retain Gen Zers in an engaging atmosphere.

[00:01 – 00:40] Opening Segment

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  • For the first part of my interview with Hannah, tune in to last Monday’s episode 

[00:41 – 12:12] How Can Organizations Develop a Welcoming Atmosphere for Gen Zers?

  • Choosing your journey
  • Follow the roadmap to unlocking Gen Zers:
  • Diagnosing where you need to focus
  • Learn how Gen Z thinks
  • Apply the steps as a team for a more effective approach.
  • Auditing the business
  • Look into the following aspects of the organization:
  • Attract
  • Recruit
  • Retain
  • Engage

[12:13 – 15:26] Closing Segment  

  • Connect with Hannah (links below) 
  • Visit his website, Linkedin, and more! 
  • Closing words 


Key Quote: 

“I think that’s [Gen Z ARRE Audit] just a great asset to be able to have… It’s something that’s really shifting the current climate of a lot of organizations.” – Zack Knight

Building Radical Empathy: Understanding Gen Zers with Hannah Williams

“What Gen Z is saying is, we don’t want to come in and fill just a task, we don’t want to be a job fit for your company. Instead, we are working for a vision.” – Hannah Williams

Welcome to another week of Tactical Leader! In today’s episode, Hannah Williams joins us to talk about the dichotomy between the nature of Generation Z and the attached stereotypes, understanding the attributes of this generation, and how businesses can adapt to their approach to the world.

Hannah Williams’s story began in a blue pickup truck when her father handed 12-year-old Hannah the phone and asked her to close a deal on an investment property. After this unexpected introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, she found herself thrust into a climate of innovation, challenge, and opportunity, and she enrolled in college at age 14 and graduated with a degree in international business at age 18. Now, as a 23-year old Gen Z’r, she has consulted businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and is on a mission to help leaders leverage Gen Z talent as a competitive advantage and build #RadicalEmpathy in the workplace.

[00:01 – 05:53] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and you want to create content that DELIVERS, go over to knightly.productions!
  • I introduce Hannah Williams
  • Her early journey towards entrepreneurship


[05:54 – 17:41] How Gen Zers Approach the World

  • Fighting the Generation Z stereotype
  • 54% of Gen Z want to be entrepreneurs. This is a generation of digital natives.
  • Gen Z became unique through Gen X parenting.
  • The potential of leaning towards narcissism
  • Gen Zers have the tendency to appear narcissistic because of wanting to cram into their ideal lifestyle.
  • Utilizing social media for consumption and influence
  • This allows us to create filters for ourselves and condense our thoughts.
  • The mindset is established in the aims of individual success.

[17:42 – 35:53] How Organizations Can Adapt to Gen Zers

  • Positioning in the business processes
  • Gen Zers are not only there to fill in roles, but to work for a vision.
  • Titles do not mean anything because of the access to information.
  • Going beyond online presence
  • More than online influence, personal connections matter.
  • Leaders must establish enough online rapport to be respected.
  • What Gen Zers should learn the hard way
  • It is not a walk in the park to be an entrepreneur. There is a need to adapt to people to establish network.


[35:54 – 41:50] Closing Segment  

  • The legacy Hannah wants to create:
  • Bring radical empathy in the workplace.
  • Connect with Hannah (links below) 
  • Visit her website, Linkedin, and more! 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!


Key Quote: 

“The important thing here is for brands to realize and companies and leaders to recognize that if you’re speaking to Gen Zer, you’re often going to be speaking to a personal brand, a little brand that’s walking around… It’s no longer the job of an employee to come and fill a task for your company or role for your company. It’s now the company’s responsibility.” – Hannah Williams


Connect with Hannah 

Visit her website at https://www.hannahgwilliams.com/tactical. Visit her profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-williams-genzconsultant/.


A Leader’s Guide to Unlocking Gen Z by Hannah Williams https://books.google.com.ph/books/about/A_Leader_s_Guide_to_Unlocking_Gen_Z.html?id=kt6YzgEACAAJ&redir_esc=y

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