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Jayson Waller headshotIt only takes one yes from the sea of no’s to get you up and running towards your success. Welcome back to Tactical Leadership! This week I welcome the CEO of Powerhome Solar and the host of the podcast “True Underdog”, Jayson Waller. Jayson has won entrepreneur of the year four times. But before he achieved all his success, he also faced multiple rejections starting from when he was doing door-to-door sales. He will share with us today how he dealt with those rejections and how he continues to climb the ladder with his empowering values and his love for his people and his community.

Tactical Friday: Owning Your Power with Jayson Waller

The only one responsible for your actions and decisions is YOU. Never let anyone dictate who or what you should be. Welcome back to Tactical Friday! Today, I welcome back the founder and CEO of POWERHOME and the host of the True Underdogs Podcast, Jayson Waller.

We will dissect Jayson’s upcoming book called “Own Your Power” and he will give us a taste of what it has to offer. Amidst his always 100% energy, Jayson will also share the importance of allotting time to yourself, and how he uses this to dispose of some of that excess energy. At the same time, Jayson will detail the different types of haters, and how he utilizes them to be fuel in his pursuit to be better and more successful.

Let’s jump right in and learn how you can own your power!

[00:01 – 05:54] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Jayson to the show
  • What is it like to own your power?
  • Jayson’s book, “Own Your Power”
  • Jayson’s hurdles that lead to opening billion-dollar companies
  • Not taking no for an answer
  • We have a choice and we are in control
  • Decision making is the first step of owning your power

[05:55 – 14:54] Realizing the True Value of Time

  • Jayson talks about the shift to realizing the value of time
  • The importance of allotting time for yourself
  • Making haters eat their own words
  • You own the power of your bashers

[14:55 – 18:14] Closing Segment

  • Get Jayson’s book “Own Your Power: No Bullshit, No Excuses, the Time is Now” this coming May
  • Connect and listen to Jayson’s podcast with the links below
  • Jayson’s message to the people
  • It’s your own life. Create your own map and don’t let other people dictate your decisions.
  • Make a decision and stick with it
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “When you wake up every single morning and you put your feet on the ground, you’re in control. Nobody else is. This is your body, this is your soul, and this is your mind.” – Jayson Waller
  • “Every day that goes by, is another day of you feeling like you didn’t do what you wanted to do, and you weren’t in control creating your own map, then you’re gonna have regret and that’s forever.” – Jayson Waller
  • “You don’t get better if you don’t lose. You don’t get better if you don’t fail.” – Jayson Waller

You can connect with Jayson through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or you can visit www.JaysonWaller.com and www.PowerHouse.com. Also, Listen to his podcast “True Underdog” on Itunes.

The Underdog Always Wins with Jayson Waller

Let’s jump right in and realize the leaders within us!

[00:01 – 09:10] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and want content that DELIVERS, go over to knightly.productions!
  • I introduce Jayson to the show
  • Structuring success on failure
  • Empowering peers to be leaders
  • Overcoming the rejections
  • How it only takes one yes

[09:11 – 21:19] Scared Money Won’t Make Money

  • Jayson shares his motivations for success
  • Taking every chance to play to win
  • Figuring out what you’re meant to do
  • Jayson shares his experience in coaching women’s basketball
  • Empowering employees to act like owners

[21:20 – 31:43] The Mission, Vision and the Values

  • Giving back to the community
  • Empowerment as a driving force
  • Jayson shares how they coped during the pandemic
  • Reinvesting everything for the brand and the people

[31:44 – 38:34] Closing Segment

  • Jayson’s legacy to the world
  • Help people better themselves
  • How a podcast for fun became impactful
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “Nothing should hold you back. You do create your own map, and it’s your world to live in and create that.” – Jayson Waller
  • “God built us on what we are supposed to do. If you’re intended to be a leader, you’re intended to enroll people and follow your dream, do great things, empower, and make movements. If you’re not, you’re just part of the group and there’s nothing wrong with that.” – Jayson Waller
  • “In today’s world with the pandemic and the country broken in half, people need to be helping each other more, and we need to be united.” – Jayson Waller

You can connect with Jayson through LinkedIn, FacebookInstagram, Twitter, or you can visit www.JaysonWaller.com and www.PowerHouse.com. Also, Listen to his podcast “True Underdog” on Itunes.

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