Josh Bartch

Josh Bartch

“Every story is different, every experience is different and how people talk about is completely different as well. But one thing that is always consistent is this is just as profound kind of enlightenment, if you will, as to they understand their disease and why they’re experiencing what they have and the root of the problem, just on a really different level.” – Josh Bartch

Josh Bartch

Monday's Interview with Josh Bartch

In today’s episode, we welcome Joshua Bartch, he is the Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Mydecine Innovations Group (MIG). Joshua’s entrepreneurial career took off in 2009 when he co-founded and founded a boutique investment firm that operated through the U.S. and Canadian markets. In 2014, Bartch co-founded, the U.S.’s most significant legal and sophisticated cannabis wholesale platform. He took successful exits from, Doctor’s Orders, and In this conversation, Joshua’s goal is to bring more effective treatments to those who need them most. He found that current treatments are not effective and that this is a major focus of their work.

[00:01 – 07:26] Who is Josh Bartch?

  • Zack introduces his guest Josh Bartch
  • Josh talks about his company, Mydecine, a biotechnology company which is focused on mental disorders and addiction
  • He talks about assembling a team with extensive background on drug development in order to drive a successful company
    • Mydecine is developing a drug to help smokers quit, based on the molecule psilocybin, which the active component of medicinal mushrooms
    • The drug is being developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins

[07:27 – 13:06] On A Mission To Educate Veterans About The Potentials Benefits of Psychedelics

  • Josh acknowledges the contributions of Dr. Rakesh
  • After numerous months of research, they found that most of the population was biologically verified completely absent from smoking
  • They aim to combat stress with a focus on working with veterans’ organizations
  • His team is focused on developing treatments for PTSD in veterans, which is a population that is particularly resistant to treatment
  • Their studies show how psychedelics may be able to play a role in treating these conditions
  • Josh discusses how the team has been successful in getting veterans organization on board with their mission and educating them about the potential benefits of treatments using psychedelics

[13:07 – 17:51] Overcoming The Stigma Associated With Psychedelic Treatments

    • Josh understands that people have been through different things, whether it’s PTSD or trauma-related or have become addicted to different aspects of things
    • How Josh is reaching out to Alpha-types
      •  As soldiers, they are taught to be tough and they would need a therapist to penetrate through the brain
    • Mydecine’s goal is to get the general medical community to think that prescribing clinicians will prescribe psychedelics, and it has put out a media platform to do this
      • It offers guided meditations and other ancillary services to its users
  • Josh discusses the challenges and stigma associated with psychedelic treatment and how Johns Hopkins is working to overcome these obstacles


[17:52 – 30:22] The Importance of Changing Public Perception of Psychedelics

  • Josh emphasizes the importance of changing public perception of psychedelics in order to facilitate wider acceptance and use
  • He knows a lot of people suffers from addiction and addiction is a huge problem in society
  • Josh discusses the business side of psychedelics that it is different pharmaceuticals but the treatment is the same
  • Josh’s company is daring big pharma to catch up in order treat people to make medicine bills inexpensive

[30:23 – 30:44] Closing Segment

  • Josh shares that his organization’s goal is to help people with PTSD and other mental health issues, and they want to leave a legacy of helping as many people as possible
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Key Quotes:

 “Our focus on veterans is not only from a place in our heart that we all owe it to veterans but… When we were developing PTSD treatments, the veteran’s population is by far the most treatment resistant population that exists for PTSD.”  – Joshua Bartch

“If you can let them understand that the people that you care about. There’s light at the end of the tunnel to help these people and we have a solution it’s really impactful for no matter who you’re talking to.” – Joshua Bartch


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Tactical Friday with Josh Bartch

“We really need to change this perception, how people view these molecules from the acid, from the ecstasy, from the hippie movement and really turn it into this is clinical drug that’s incredibly safe and effective.” – Josh Bartch


In today’s episode of Tactical Friday, Josh Bartch is back on the show to talk about the misconceptions and objections attached to substances like magic mushrooms, acid, and ecstasy. Josh says that these substances have been used safely for decades and that their safety profile is much different than that of painkillers or SSRIs. He also says that the war on drugs has been ineffective and is changing. Josh discusses the current state of the world and how important it is to have good quality of life for everyone.

[00:00 – 01:02] Opening Segment

  • For the first part of my interview with Josh, tune in to last Monday’s episode
  • There are misconceptions attached to the use and ingestion of substances such as magic mushrooms, acid, and ecstasy.
  • These substances are safe when used in a responsible manner and have positive effects.
  • The war on drugs was ineffective and created many negative consequences for society.
    • There are now more effective ways to treat mental health issues without resorting to drugs.


[01:03 – 07:07] Addressing The Misconceptions Attached Of Psychedelics

  • Josh discusses the misconceptions attached to the use and ingestion of substances such as magic mushrooms, acid, and ecstasy
    • He explains how these substances are safe when used in a responsible manner and have positive effects
    • That the war on drugs was ineffective and created many negative consequences for society
  • Josh tells us that there are no know long-term side effects associated with these drugs at this current moment
    • There is clinical work done to properly address the acute phase in order to make the drug incredibly safe and incredibly effective
    • Dr. Matt Johnson, is their lead PI for their company
  • The commercialization of these drugs is to be done properly and responsibly


[07:08 – 09:48] Closing Segment

  • Josh thanks the veterans for their service, we owe a lot to them and appreciate their support
  • Connect with Josh (links below)
  • Head over to to find out how you can discover your voice, claim your independence, and build that thriving business that you’ve always wanted!


Key Quote:

“It’s going to start with the media and making sure that the way that the media is talking about these different treatments is really important and their support is really important, but also their headline is really important.” – Josh Bartch

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