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If you know that going into your journey, that it’s a fun roller coaster ride and to come from a place of gratitude, it’s important to set up expectations. And if your expectation is not always money in the bank but learnings in the bank, then you’re in a good place” Sonciary Perez

In this episode of Tactical Monday, Sonciary Perez is on a mission to change the interaction customers are facing through fast-acknowledging the order to deliver exceptional experiences. Listen in and see how she help B2B SaaS companies help them better serve, retain and upsell customers!

Sonciary, co-founded, they built Quala based on their mutual desires and frustrations building their last company. They wanted to stay close to their customers while their businesses grew and to do that, they gave them so many ways to reach the team and in turn, give them feedback on their experiences. 

Sonciary explains further how customers can email them, can chat with them, get in Zoom calls with their customers in order to ask for survey information and much more. They have set up teams to have these conversations and there are so many team members interacting with customers, whether they are executives, product managers, customer success, and support industry. In sum, it is their desire to provide their customers any way to get ahold of them and for them to enable their teams to have so many one-to-one conversations. They were able to achieve this by building what they call, “The Frontline Intelligence Platform” and what that means is that they are allowing or bringing in any channel where these conversations and interactions are happening with and about their customers into their platform so that leaders can mine the data and understand at scale, what is the qualitative narrative around their customers experiences are. So that they can build better experiences with their technology. 

[00:01 – 01:01] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and you want to create content that DELIVERS, go over to!
  • Introductions of my special guest, Sonciary Perez

[01:01 – 05:27] Building a Better Marketing Technology Company

  • How Sonciary and her co-founder, Jonathan, founded
    • Through mutual desires and frustrations from building their last company
  • Setting out to build the “Frontline Intelligence Platform”
    • Allowing and bringing in conversations and interactions
    • Mining data to get a qualitative narrative around their customers experiences

[05:27 – 08:39] Taking a Leap of Faith and Seizing the Opportunity

  • Realizing a dream to support individuals to bring dreams into fruition
  • Taking risks and actually building something
    • Creating a startup called  “BizUnite” (now called, savings4members”)

[08:39 – 12:11] Having Conversations to Support Early-stage Entrepreneurs

  • Having meaningful conversations with early stage entrepreneurs or founders that are starting with their journey
    • Constant reminder of why this is an amazing opportunity
    • Following the path with a heart of gratitude
  • Being a mentor and a startup accelerator
    • Navigating complex and sometimes debilitating experience of building technologies from scratch
    • Growth and Traction on how to build technologies

[12:11 – 20:39] Investing Into People and Evolving

  • Believe in people that they will find a way to figure out opportunities that they want to solve
  • The founding team is an important part of what you want to build as an extension of the product
  • Recognizing a failure can be turned into a learning opportunity
    • It’s not always money in the bank but learnings in the bank
    • Coming from a place of gratitude
    • Getting to the root cause of the frustration

[20:39 – 31:48] Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People Having The Same Experiences

  • Being part of a networking community
    • Getting together and having regular meetups
  • Embracing our empathic side
    • Approach things with grace and vulnerability
  • Think about what your leadership style is
    • You have to be willing to evolve and change and what you want to stay the same
  • Craft your own sense of confidence
    • Getting more comfortable with yourself and utilizing life experiences

[31:48 – 37:35] Closing Segment

  • The importance of therapy
    • Normalizing therapy
    • Compartmentalizing feelings and move on
  • What legacy do you want to leave to the world
    • Being motivated by learning and understanding people

Key Quote: 

“It’s so important for each of us to be our true selves. And yes, we’re always evolving and we’re always wanting to be a better version of that self, based on the feedback we’re giving ourselves and based on the feedback from our loved ones and team members, but really think about what your leadership style is, What is it inherently and what would you like it to be as a woman and then decide what you’re willing to evolve and change and what you want to stay the same?” – Sonciary Perez


Tactical Friday

These are messy questions in nature, and it’s hard to get an answer to them when you have so many different conversations happening in real time, across so many customers. So we make sense of all that messy data with our technology. And then we provide a visualization of those conversations, those mentions, so that leaders can understand how to make better, faster business decisions that serve the needs of their patients.” – Sonciary Perez

In this episode of Tactical Friday, Sonciary Perez gives us an opportunity to know a little bit more about Quala and what they provide as a resource. Listen in and make more data-backed decisions through the Frontline Intelligence Platform.

Sonciary explains further that for B2B SaaS companies and how it allows their technology to stay really close to your customer base. Through conversations, Sonciary’s team will automatically bring that data into Quala which makes sense of all the data with their technology. They provide a visualization of those conversations, those mentions, so that their leaders can understand how to make better, faster business decisions that serve the needs of their patients.


[00:01 – 01:23] Opening Segment

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  • For the first part of my interview with Sonciary, tune in to last Monday’s episode 

[01:23 – 04:19] Focusing On Growth and Focusing on Maintaining Customer Interaction

  • How Quala uses conversational-data that allows you to stay really close to your customer base
  • Making sense of messy questions through the Frontline Intelligence Platform

[04:19 – 11:43] Innovation Starts With The Customer Base

  • Interactions are a rich source of potential innovation
    • Customer interactions help the company evolve and upsells expansion opportunities
    • Innovation Starts With The Customer Base
  • Project-based versus reoccurring subscription revenue way of building a business
  • What’s the ideal client for Quala
    • Teams that have no way to aggregate the data

[11:43 – 12:19] Closing Segment

  • Closing words from Sonciary – Innovations starts with understanding the customer base!
  • Connect with Sonciary (links below) 
  • Head over to to find out how you can discover your voice, claim your independence, and build that thriving business that you’ve always wanted!

Key Quote: 

“If we want to discover who our ideal customer profile is and we want to understand how to evolve with them and build a technology that they love, but they’re going to tell their friends and colleagues about, and they’ll continue using hopefully, from greater perspective… We can’t do that unless we fundamentally speak the vernacular of our customers and understand what’s important to them.” – Sonciary Perez


Connect with Sonciary

Learn more about Sonciary through his website. Connect more with Sonciary on LinkedIn and her Email.


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