Nicole Laino

“To wake up every day and operate in that belief, in that energy, is essential to consistency and the results that you want to get.” – Nicole Laino

In this episode of Tactical Friday, we have Nicole Laino back to discuss the practical tips to apply in harnessing your inner power by being more honest to yourself and reaching for what you truly desire. By pinpointing our frustrations and understanding where our energy comes from, going for consistency to achieve results becomes viable.

Main Takeaways: 

  • Allowing Yourself to Get What You Truly Desire
  • Operating in the Energy for Achieving Results

Connect with Nicole

Check out her website to see how she helps ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing to sell and serve at their highest level – without burnout. Follow her on Instagram @nicolelainoofficial

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“When we think about alignment, a lot of times we think about like you know, meditating and getting into alignment, but it’s very much aligning your effort with your goals and your goals should be aligned with your desires.” – Nicole Laino

In today’s episode, Nicole Laino demystifies the way to achieve alignment by rethinking our goals and desires. She targets limiting beliefs and habits we have to be aware of that hinder our success. Listen as she shares how we can take giant leaps as we find our way to our zone of genius through alignment.

Nicole Laino is a startup Founder, Business Strategist & Peak Performance Coach. She’s also a Rapid Relief Technique, NLP & Human Design Practitioner, the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast, and a self-proclaimed “Type-A Hippie”. She helps ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing so they can sell and serve at their highest level – without burning out. Unlike other mindset coaches who focus only on the energetics of business, Nicole uses her background in corporate, entrepreneurship, and the start-up world to advise her clients on developing their sustainable multiple 6-figure business strategies while opening up to abundance.

[00:01 – 03:54] Opening Segment

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  • Nicole Laino on being a self-proclaimed type-A hippie

[03:55 – 10:47] Identifying the Roadblocks to Take Giant Leaps

  • Leaders as leading themselves first and identifying roadblocks
  • How the subconscious plays a role in creating limiting beliefs
  • The giant leaps to the evolution of a lifetime

[10:48 – 22:28] Being in the Zone of Genius by Embracing Your Authentic Self 

  • Defining a type-A hippie as owning two worlds of analysis and creativity
  • Alignment in your zone of genius to reach your targets
  • Why you should be careful of using “should” and giving excuses

[22:29 – 27:38] The True Essence of Alignment

  • How misalignment happens – the prompt to rethink your goals and desires
  • Nicole on being a human design coach and resources she uses

[27:39 – 30:29] Closing Segment

  • The legacy Nicole wants to create – never play small again
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Key Quotes: 

“I view a leader [as] someone who leads themselves before they lead anybody else. It starts with you.” – Nicole Laino

“A lot of times, there’s so much noise out there. And there are so many people telling you that this is the way this is the only way. We end up doing things that don’t feel good. And then we can’t be consistent with it because there’s a part of us yelling at us from the inside, saying, this is not where we’re supposed to go, this is not what we’re supposed to do, you should find your zone of genius, you should stay in your lane in that way, there’s a lot you can do in the lane of your zone of genius. ” – Nicole Laino

“Whatever your excuses are, are your beliefs. If that is the ultimate truth that you believe, then every day inside of you, in your subconscious, you’re actually saying that you can’t be successful. So we have to shift that belief in order for you to show up differently.” – Nicole Laino


A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

Connect with Nicole

Check out her website to see how she helps ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing to sell and serve at their highest level – without the burnout. Follow her on Instagram @nicolelainoofficial

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