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Laura DiBenedetto headshotThe concept of authenticity and vulnerability has been a running theme in this show. But in this week of Tactical Leadership, Laura DiBenedetto will take that further and show us how she is planning to rid the world of insecurities. As an author, speaker, and unapologetically authentic person, Laura DiBenedetto will share with us how she manifested her self-acceptance at an early age. She started her business at the young age of 19, and she retired at still the young age of 37 to pursue her global mission of spreading true happiness.

We will also delve into a deeper approach to authenticity and self-security, as this connects to the true motivation behind people’s deeds. Her book, “Six Habits” is a complete guide for self-acceptance and being true to yourself. Let’s jump right in and join Laura’s light side!

Tactical Friday: Living in the Light Side with Laura DiBenedetto

Changing your life is just as simple as changing your everyday habits. After all, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.  Welcome back to Tactical Leadership! Today, I welcome back Laura DiBenedetto to share with us her 90-day habit mastery program. This program is designed to make us used to the light side of our habits, which will ultimately bring out our better selves. She will also talk about her happiness quiz, which pretty much gives us an idea of where we are on our journey to happiness.

Let’s jump right in and start taking out the trash in our life!

[00:01 – 1:09] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Laura to the show
  • Quick recap of what was talked about last Monday
  • 90-day habit mastery program

[1:10 – 7:47] The 90-Day Habit

  • Mastery Program Habits being formed in 66 days minimum
  • Living in the light side of all the habits
  • How these will make you feel amazing on day one
  • Gratitude and being your best self

[7:48 – 12:46] Putting the Program into Routine

  • Laura talks about what it looks like to do the 90-day program
  • Success tips
  • How the program makes you aware of your presence
  • Laura’s happiness quiz

[12:47 – 15:01] Closing Segment

  • See links below to connect with Laura
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes

  • “Life has been ‘interesting’ in 2020 and going forward, and my default is still gratitude.” – Laura DiBenedetto
  • “Sometimes, you’ll never meet the most successful people in the world because they don’t give a shit about money or fame. They just want to sit someplace in a jungle and just love themselves” – Laura DiBenedetto

Resources Mentioned

You can connect with Laura by visiting and  

Banishing The World’s Insecurities with Laura DiBenedetto

 [00:01 – 7:11] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and want content that DELIVERS, go over to (!
  • I introduce Laura to the show TEDx speaker and no.1 bestselling author of “The Six Habits” Starting a business at 19 years old and retiring at 37

[7:12 – 16:07] Authenticity and Happiness

  • How being your authentic self helps in finding your happiness
  • The joy in being loved for who you are truly
  • Happiness is the biggest indicator of identifying your true self
  • Separation of role and identity Identity is who you are and roles are what you do

[16:06 – 26:26] Toxic Habits and Blindspots

  • Most things have a dark side and a light side
  • Dark side: shame as a motivating factor
  • Light side: kindness as a motivating factor
  • Linking the lack of self-acceptance to the alpha mindset
  • Teaching gratitude in all things Laura’s six habits

[26:27 – 33:37] Closing Segment

  • Resources and tools that Laura recommend
  • Therapy
  • Laura’s book, “Six Habits” and its companion tools
  • What’s the legacy you’re wanting to leave the world?
  • Helping people be in a state of security with themselves
  • See links below to connect with Laura

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “I’ve done extraordinary stuff by just being ordinary. I want to encourage other people to do the same.” – Laura DiBenedetto
  • “Nothing makes us feel more joyful than when we get to be loved and accepted for who we are. Not who our partner wants us to be, or who our boss wants us to be, or who our client wants us to be.” – Laura DiBenedetto
  • “When we separate the idea of identity and role, then we actually become bulletproof in the tasks we have before us.” – Laura DiBenedetto

Resources Mentioned

You can connect with Laura by visiting and

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