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Molly Grisham bio photoWe all live in a dark place and it’s those lightbulb moments that help us walk the right path. Experience your lightbulb moments in this week’s episode with Molly Grisham!

From being in the army to being a leadership coach throughout the country, Molly will walk us through her process and framework in guiding others to achieve their very best to function as a team. She will also emphasize things such as being rebellious, having self-mastery, and experience in leadership and coaching.

Tactical Friday: Holding Each Other’s Mirror with Molly Grisham

Giving people who fail an opportunity to speak up in the right environment not only gives them growth, but the entire community that’s listening as well. 

In today’s episode of Tactical Friday, I welcome back Molly Grisham to talk about how she guides people to achieve their lightbulb moments on a more granular level. Interpersonal work in the context of community really is a complete package in a team’s growth for it also forms a bond and creates a culture of trust and safety within the organization.

With that said, let’s jump right in and learn how holding each other’s mirror is a mutual process of growth!

[00:01 – 1:22] Opening Segment

  • I welcome back Molly to the show

[1:23 – 7:59] Finding the Light

  • Switch Interpersonal work in the context of community
  • Holding up a mirror for someone else
  • How witnessing lightbulb moments influence others
  • How interpersonal work in the context of community serves as a bonding moment
  • Giving opportunity to put language to something that didn’t have language for

[8:00 – 12:56] Creating a Culture of Trust and Safety

  • Being committed to both you and your team’s growth
  • Seeking moments to develop rather than creating fear when failing
  • Unwillingness to develop as a leadership blindspot
  • Context as an ever-changing thing

[12:57 – 15:13] Closing Segment

  • See links below to see more of Molly Grisham
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “There is power in not just having your own lightbulb moment. But there is power in witnessing someone else having their lightbulb moment.” – Molly Grisham
  • “As leaders, we have to have a commitment to ongoing development of ourselves and ongoing development of others.” – Molly Grisham

You can connect with Molly through Instagram and Youtube, or you can visit her blog and schedule a meeting through her website

Practice Failing with Molly Grisham

Let’s jump right in and get in the field of practice and learning!

[00:01 – 8:02] Opening Segment

  • I welcome Molly to the show
  • Molly shares her background
  • Helping people be their best to function as a team
  • Experiential coach in leadership
  • Experiencing the skill
  • Being a rebellious leader
  • Thinking outside the box

[8:03 – 13:57] Adaptability and Communication in Coaching

  • Molly talks about how she adapts people to what the team needs
  • Helping individuals rethink their framework
  • Two degrees in communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Facts and data

[13:58 – 26:18] From College Coaching to Personal Development

  • Molly talks about her transition from being a college coach to personal development
  • Being intentional in your culture
  • Having more fun as a team
  • Jumping into the unknown is more comfortable than staying in the known
  • Molly talks about how she now works with teams and leaders all over the country
  • The art and science of leadership
  • Practicing and failing as the best skill-building

[26:19 – 31:33] Trusting Up and Down and Self-Mastery

  • We talk about how Trust should go both ways
  • Practicing first and then layering the information
  • Giving a peer review in an equal and safe environment

[31:34 – 35:50] Closing Segment

  • The legacy that Molly wanted to leave in the world
  • Helping people experience lightbulb moment
  • See links below to see more of Molly Grisham

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “It isn’t just about ‘I’ve gotta rethink things’. It’s how do I communicate that to my people, and how do I help them rethink where they fit in a system as well.” – Molly Grisham
  • “Communication is not just that technical transmission of facts and data. It’s being able to connect with people individually in really authentic ways.” – Molly Grisham
  • “If we don’t give people moments where it is safe to practice, safe to fail, and safe to get feedback on the ways they’re communicating, they cannot develop as leaders.” – Molly Grisham

You can connect with Molly through Instagram and Youtube, or you can visit her blog and schedule a meeting through her website

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