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Tactical Friday: Expand Your Vision and Narrow Your Focus

Expand your vision, narrow your focus. This exercise is really powerful, especially when you’re feeling stuck. Because oftentimes, we get stuck in this looking at the same wall.” – Tony Martignetti

Welcome to this episode of Tactical Friday! In today’s episode, Tony Martignetti is back to expound his thoughts on how we can get over the crippling overanalysis and step up to take action. By stepping back and tuning your vision, execution becomes smoother and more feasible.

[00:01 – 00:35] Opening Segment

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[00:36 – 08:50] From Battlefield to Boardroom: Tips to Getting Unstuck

  • The action steps to get on the right track
  • Don’t panic. Take a step back.
  • Expand your vision, narrow your focus.
  • Future orientating
  • Battlefield to the boardroom
  • Much of what we are doing at the moment requires a tactical pause.
  • Sometimes, it is about collaborating rather than competing.
  • Combat against analysis paralysis
  • Knowledge combined with action is key.
  • It does not have to be perfect before you execute.
  • Authenticity cuts through


[08:51 – 10:47] Closing Segment  

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  • Closing words 


Key Quotes: 

“Amateurs compete, and professionals create. So if you find a way to get beyond the competitor game, and instead think bigger and create with your competitors, whoever that may be, then what happens is you get to see a bigger game that you’re playing.” – Tony Martignetti

“You can collect all the knowledge in the world. But if you’re not doing anything with it, then it really is useless.”  – Tony Martignetti

Being Aligned with Who You Are with Tony Martignetti

“When you have someone who believes in you and believes in your ability to lead, that really gives you the headwind to really to get a start, because oftentimes, we don’t believe in ourselves.” – Tony Martignetti

Welcome to another week of Tactical Leader! In today’s episode, we have Tony Martignetti bringing the path to self-awareness in a new light by recognizing the self-limiting beliefs, the labels society gives us, and allowing ourselves to become authentic and aligned with our purpose.

Tony is a trusted advisor, coach, experience creator, author, podcast host, and speaker. He brings together over 25 years of business and management experience, formal training, and extreme curiosity to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change and unlock their true potential.

He loves guiding people to find clarity in their lives, so they are energized, fully present, and unstoppable. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, they impact and inspire everyone around them. He has dedicated himself to helping people live inspired lives.

Before becoming the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspired Purpose Coaching, he was a finance and strategy executive with experience working with some of the world’s leading life sciences companies. Along his journey, he also managed small businesses and ran a financial consulting company.

Tony is the host of The Virtual Campfire podcast and the author of “Climbing the Right Mountain: Navigating the journey to An Inspired Life.”

[00:01 – 03:34] Opening Segment

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  • Introducing our guest, Tony Martignetti
  • Elevating leaders and equipping them with tools navigate through change
  • Climbing the mountains towards an inspired life

[03:35 – 14:31] The Philosophies in Leading – Compassion and Accountability

  • The push towards leading
  • Sometimes, we need others to believe in us to get ourselves out of our comfort zones.
  • Connection to powerful leadership
  • Targeting the blindspot of leading
  • Sometimes, we have to step out of the work to see the patterns we are in.
  • The leadership fingerprint
  • Leadership is about striking the balance of compassion and accountability.
  • Great leaders are great readers
  • The habit of reading great pieces helps us make sense both in business and in life.
  • Connecting with philosophies

[14:32 – 26:46] Alignment in Perception towards Better Navigation

  • The attitude in learning
  • Keep learning but also take action and own the action.
  • Define success on your own terms, not society.
  • Changing views in navigating
  • Getting out of the treadmill
  • Stop limiting yourself and putting yourself in a box.
  • Beyond the labels
  • Be comfortable with not knowing all the answers and look into finding those answers.
  • Recognize the possibilities for you and cultivate the desire for your goals.
  • Keep going despite the bad days
  • Challenges to recognize potential

[26:47 – 31:56] Closing Segment  

  • The legacy Tony wants to create:
  • Inspire people through deeper and honest conversations.
  • Connect with Tony (links below) 
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  • Join us for Tactical Friday!

Key Quotes: 

“We have to sometimes step away from, you know, the work and see what’s really going on, you know, what are the things that are under the pattern that we’re stuck in.” – Tony Martignetti

“You can learn something you can take something in, but without that action without the ability to own the action that you take, it almost becomes meaningless.” – Tony Martignetti

“Stop limiting yourself by putting yourself in a box, because everyone else is trying to define you based on what their label of you is.”  – Tony Martignetti


Climbing The Right Mountain by Tony Martignetti

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

The Dichotomy Of Leadership by Jocko Willink

Connect with Tony

Check out his websites  and Connect with him on Linkedin and Instagram

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