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Tactical Friday: Gratitude Amidst the Noisy World with Bronkar Lee

“The world is so loud. We need to pause the music, listen within, adjust our tuning, and press play again.” – Bronkar Lee

Welcome to this episode of Tactical Friday! In today’s episode, Bronkar Lee is back to discuss the tactics to apply in practicing mediation and gratitude as we approach life. Through a renwed perspective topped with fun, we become more open and willing to go through even some ugly experiences with a grateful heart.

[00:01 – 00:34] Opening Segment

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  • For the first part of my interview with Bronkar, tune in to last Monday’s episode 

[00:35 – 12:05] Being Proactive Instead of Reactive in Life with Gratitude

  • The mission to spread the good stuff
  • Come to the website and sign up for courses!
  • Be focused and tactical about your days
  • The significance of meditation
  • The world is loud. Pause and listen within.
  • The key is to ask better questions.
  • Getting your gratitude glasses on
  • Have a meditation station and take breaths.
  • Look at opportunities around you for new adventures.

[12:06 – 14:54] Closing Segment  

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  • Closing words 

Key Quotes: 

“Coming back to that music analogy, retuning our inner instruments, then we’re not being reactive to the moment. We’re being responsive in healthy ways where we’re operating from that place of power when our inner instruments in tune. ” – Bronkar Lee

“We start to smile and then we start to let our defenses down. And then we get to a place where we’re not closed off, and shielding and blocking and defending to a place of possibility we open. And we’re now leaning into a new situation with that opportunistic mindset. So that’s kind of what the gratitude glasses are all about.” – Bronkar Lee

Improvise with the Jazz of Life with Bronkar Lee

“What is the theme song that you’re projecting, that you’re broadcasting to the world every day? Because the music that you sing makes a difference. And the thing that truly defines us as individuals is not what we think we are… [It] is in the heads and the hearts of others long after we have left the room.” – Bronkar Lee

In today’s episode, Bronkar Lee shares with us the harmony of life through music and how we can harness our energy into creating something beautiful. He reminds us of the true impact we are creating in the world even in simple acts and that we should continuously be intentional and to improvise as we live through the jazz of life.

I’m a keynote speaker, performer and mindset coach. I’ve got a pretty bizarre background filled with lots of random adventures. I’ve toured Europe as a ringmaster in a Swiss circus, been a guest performer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and had a viral video with my 2 year old son that got 200 Million views. Pulling from these different experiences, I’d like to think I provide a refreshing perspective on life & business. I’m a lifelong learner myself, so naturally that’s what I speak about on stage and focus on with my 1 to 1 coaching clients. My coaching clients are people who’ve achieved a lot of amazing things, but suffer from anxiety and stress. I help them maintain strong minds and healthy bodies so they can be their best selves in work and in life. Let’s connect! – Bronkar Lee

[00:01 – 03:32] Opening Segment

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  • Bronkar Lee on spreading the good stuff
  • Creating a hybrid version of beatboxing
  • Developing a one-man show leading to grand opportunities

[03:33 – 15:50] Getting Up and Rising to the Occasion

  • How we impact the world
  • Look at yourself as an instrument. Be in tune with yourselves first.
  • Every interaction we make has a ripple effect.
  • Music as sanctuary
  • Convert intense energy into healing and self-expression.
  • Rise to the occasion and get yourself to do it – there’s a huge difference.
  • Recognizing your natural abilities
  • Hone into your interests and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Vulnerability creates reliability, which is a powerful tool.
  • Use your adaptation tempo to assimilate quickly.

[15:51 – 33:31] Harmonizing with the Jazz of Life

  • Addressing limiting beliefs
  • Do not let perfection paralyze you. Get out of your own way.
  • Effectiveness and perfection are very different.
  • Awareness of when our energy is being hijacked
  • It’s either building you or breaking you.
  • Have a plan yet improvise for harmony.
  • Crafting your morning routine
  • Influence your mind upon starting your day.
  • Do a body scan to develop a relationship with your body.
  • Set your hype song to get yourself pumping.

[33:32 – 41:45] Closing Segment  

  • The legacy Bronkar wants to create:
  • Thank people. Sing your theme song to bring out the best in others.
  • Connect with Bronkar (links below) 
  • Visit his Linkedin and more! 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!

Key Quotes: 

“In order to be truly instrumental to spread good stuff, we must first be in tune with ourselves.” – Bronkar Lee

“Every interaction we have creates an echo effect or a ripple effect. And long after the action has been made, that resonance remains.” – Bronkar Lee

“If we can bring a little bit of that authenticity, vulnerability to the stage, then it becomes relatability. And when we can be relatable to people, that’s a very, very powerful tool.” – Bronkar Lee

“Don’t be paralyzed by perfection.” – Bronkar Lee

“When we can get out of our own way, then we can express ourselves freely.” – Bronkar Lee

Connect with Bronkar

Check out his LinkedIn at

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