Joe Marcoux

Joe Marcoux
Listen in and learn how Joe Marcoux’s SOS Dojo can help people handle the toughest objections!

Monday's Interview

We help you find your own voice so that you are authentic in your approach. And then you’re just having a conversation with your client.” – Joe Marcoux

In today’s episode, Joe Marcoux is an entrepreneur who wants to help people who crumble when they hear an objection. Joe introduces to us his product, SOS Dojo for Sales, SOS stands for “Sales Objection System”. He discusses how he built his charisma through his bodybuilding competitions and how this helped him in sales. Now, he’s on a mission to help other entrepreneus to increase their profits through his SOS Dojo. He also talks about, identifying your “Who Do You Know Who”, and creating authentic content in order to build more oganic engagements and conversions.

Listen in and learn how Joe Marcoux’s SOS Dojo can help people handle the toughest objections!


[00:01 – 06:11] Who is Joe Marcoux?

  • If you have a platform and you want to create content that DELIVERS, go over to!
  • Joe Marcoux shares us a fun fact about having a very serious fitness background
    • He was able to compete for Worlds in Sofia, Bulgaria where he lost and was humbled
  • He discovered that that there was no money in bodybuilding and he could create a better impact by putting his passion on sales
  • He worked on his charisma to build and work his your relationship with people



[06:12 – 13:34] Repetition Until It Becomes An Unconscious Competence

  • Translating his experience onstage to sales
  • Setting goals and changing your mindset
  • Improve the length of engagement with your client
    • Treat your prospect as a guest
  • Putting the “reps” and it becomes automatic


[24:08 – 34:02 ] Identifying Your “Who Do You Know Who?”

  • Organic engagements lead to better conversions
  • Documenting your life and letting people get to know you
    • Your energy is going to attract people
  • Social media as an on-going process
  • Scaling by helping other people
  • How he started SOS Dojo



[34:43 – 34:55] Getting High Engagements and Making A Difference

  • Social Media as an on-going process
  • Help someone and make a difference
  • How he started SOS Dojo because of COVID
    • Transition to other platforms as a necessity


[29:19 – 34:55] Closing Segment

  • The legacy Joe wants to create – eaching people how to handle objections and helping entrepreneurs on their health and wellness
  • Connect with Joe (links below) 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!
  • Head over to to find out how you can discover your voice, claim your independence, and build that thriving business that you’ve always wanted!



Key Quotes: 

“If you can help someone, whether you have a following is because what it’s doing is the satisfaction that I have is that I’ve got high engagement from people and it’s making a difference. – Joe Marcoux

“As you go, you ask people to get results, I have five words for you: “Who do you know who?” who do you know.”  – Joe Marcoux

You have to document your life. People want to get to know you before they buy from you.– Joe Marcoux

Tactical Friday

“People are afraid to do the right thing… What we need to do is we need to get to that point where we need to motivate them to decide.” – Joe Marcoux         


In today’s episode of Tactical Friday, Joe Marcoux gives us tips to bring us his tips to maintaining authority and staying in the zone in the sales process. He discusses that we should get enough “reps” in and practice and ultimately, lead people to make the proper decisions. He talks about “Tactical Empathy”, where it doesn’t mean that you won’t fear any challenges but it will train you to keep your cool once you’ve done your training with SOS Dojo.

Listen in and learn how to acquire and hone the skills you need with SOS Dojo!

[00:01 – 01:19] Opening Segment

  • If you have a platform and you want to create content that DELIVERS, go over to productions!
  • For the first part of my interview with Joe, tune in to last Monday’s episode


[01:20 – 04:01] Maintaining Authority In the Sales Process

  • Joe shares his tips in the sales process
    • Getting your “reps” in and get practice
    • Make people make the right decision
  • Tactical Empathy
  • How much psychology goes into salesmanship


[04:02 – 09:05] Help People Make the Intelligent Decision

  • Staying in the zone and maintaining authority
  • Focusing on what to say and your body language
  • Leading your clients to make the right decision
  • Acquiring skills and honing your skills with SOS Dojo


[09:06 – 14:28] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Joe (links below)
  • Head over to com to find out how you can discover your voice, claim your independence, and build that thriving business that you’ve always wanted!


Key Quote:

“Whether you’re leading a team, whether you’re talking to salespeople, whether you’re trying to grow your business, whether you’re trying to get funding or whatever it is when you’re communicating that really understand it.” – Joe Marcoux


Connect with Joe

Learn more about Joe through his website and visit Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, SOS Dojo


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