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Tactical Friday: The Burning Passion to Change Lives with John Climaco

“Every single person [in the team] has been handpicked. Because not just of their skill set, not just of their experience, but because of their passion for what we do and how we want to do it. And that also, I think, it allows for a really healthy work environment where we encourage debate and we encourage, you know, different opinions because that’s how we get, and we find that right path to the goal that we all share.” – John Climaco

In this episode of Tactical Friday, John Climaco returns to discuss how his company pursues the mission with purpose. By being with a team fueled by passion, it becomes possible to achieve tremendous results and through establishing an environment open to debate, everyone can feel valued and heard, which are essential to business success.

[00:01 – 00:41] Opening Segment

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  • For the first part of my interview with John, tune in to last Monday’s episode

[00:42 – 10:51] The Power of Passion and the Key to Business Success

  • The alignment with passion with purpose into the mission
  • Focusing on the value creation point of the business
  • How a small team can accomplish tremendous results
  • Updates on successful clinical trials

[10:52 – 12:54] Closing Segment

  • Connect with John (links below) 
  • Closing words

Key Quote: 

“It makes it so much easier to have money than to be broke trying to do something like this… Money isn’t a bad thing. Money is a tool to make an impact.” – Zack Knight

Play the Game and Keep Going with John Climaco

“I found myself more comfortable in challenging situations. And in the mountains, I started developing the perspective, because of the nature of the game, where you’d have to ask yourself, sometimes, is anybody’s life going to be lost here if this doesn’t go correctly?… The answer was, yes, it was really worth that kind of stress and seriousness. But in business, oftentimes, the answer is no. Okay, let’s not get too hung up about that. Let’s play the game and keep going.”  – John Climaco

In today’s episode, John Climaco discusses the inner workings of developing treatments for cancers and how he took on the challenge to change people’s lives. He highlights the value of the human experience in the organization and how we should display our character with confidence as we carry on with life.

John M. Climaco, Esq. (53) is the Chairman and CEO of CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:CNSP), a company developing novel treatments for brain and central nervous system cancers. CNSP’s lead drug, Berubicin, is an exciting discovery for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and potentially for other CNS malignancies. Berubicin was first discovered at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the largest cancer research institute in the world, and is an FDA-designated Orphan Drug. In 2017 CNSP acquired all data and know-how related to the successful Phase 1 trial of Berubicin from Reata Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:RETA), and in 2019 Mr. Climaco led the Company’s Nasdaq IPO. CNSP expects to commence its Phase 2 clinical trial of Berubicin for the treatment of GBM 2020. Mr. Climaco also currently serves on the board of directors of Moleculin Biotech, Inc. (Nasdaq:MBRX), a preclinical and clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of anti-cancer drug candidates.

[00:01 – 05:35] Opening Segment

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  • John Climaco on leading teams and developing novel treatments
  • The love for mountain-climbing and the trek in the right direction

[05:36 – 14:43] The Path to Clear Focus and Vision

  • When law meets science and business through technology
  • Positioning oneself to welcome opportunities
  • Picking up skills and confidence along the way

[14:44 – 25:39] The Position to Play and Move Forward

  • Developing grit and perseverance to achieve excellence
  • Pressing on and continuing the game
  • The value of utilizing your personal experiences in business

[25:40 – 27:18] Closing Segment

  • The legacy John wants to create – see the first drug approval in glioblastoma
  • Connect with John (links below) 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!

Key Quote: 

“You found yourself in a combat position or a dangerous position. Ultimately, you put yourself there voluntarily, that says a lot about a person. And it says a lot about who you are, I think as a human being, what your values are and what you’re able to withstand, and the adversity you’re able to push through… The ability to stay focused on the mission, despite the ultimate adversity.” – John Climaco

Connect with John

Check out CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:CNSP), a company developing novel treatments for brain and central nervous system cancers.

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