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Tactical Friday: Diversifying and Innovating to Scale Up with Rohan Sheth

“Understand what’s going on underneath the engine before having somebody else to fine tune it and supercharge it.” – Rohan Sheth

Welcome to this episode of Tactical Friday! In today’s episode, I welcome Rohan Sheth back to talk over the practical steps for organizations in utilizing management and marketing strategies as springboard to scaling up.

  • [00:01 – 00:44] Opening Segment

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    • For the first part of my interview with Dominic, tune in to last Monday’s episode 


    [00:45 – 12:12] How Can Organizations Determine their Capacity to Scale Up?

    • When to hit the gas pedal
    • Recognize the phases of scaling:
    • Crawling – figuring out the offer
    • Walking – spending money and gaining minimal results
    • Running – implementing definite systems
    • Consider the practicality of the course of actions.
    • Caveat against relying on third party agencies: It is necessary to understand the engine before looking for people to tune it.
    • Principles of effective scaling up
    • Even small businesses should employ the considerations for effective marketing.
    • Paid vs. organic marketing
    • Considering the granular scale
    • Be willing to flow with change and be ready to diversify and innovate.


    [12:13 – 14:02] Closing Segment  

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    • Closing words 


    Key Quote/s: 

    “It’s definitely a growth point that leads to the necessity to innovate. Like you have to always be changing.” – Zack Knight

     “You’re shutting down and not being the one marketing the most, when you have the most amount of attention right now. You’re literally just giving all of your business to your competitors that are going to be willing to do that.” – Rohan Sheth

The Power of Self-Education in Leadership Mastery with Rohan Sheth

“If you aren’t focusing on relationships, and you’re only focusing on the dollar, the clients will go. But if you focus on relationships, no matter how difficult things get in certain transition periods, clients will stick with you because they know that you’re here for them, no matter what happens.” – Rohan Sheth

Welcome to another week of Tactical Leader! In today’s episode, we have Rohan Sheth to discuss how we can cultivate an independent mindset throughout the organization, how to solidify relations through adaptability, and how self-education leads us to the mastery of our craft.

Owner of Rohan Sheth Consulting and the CEO of High Impact Group, Rohan Sheth manages more than $500,000 per month in digital advertising.

He realized very early on that he is not entitled to anyone’s advertising dollars. He believes in consistently delivering the best work he can. The same mentality pushed him to create a lifestyle of business selling crotch rockets and delivering results until today. 

[00:01 – 05:56] Opening Segment

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  • I introduce Rohan Sheth
  • Shifting ambitions from being a pilot to entering sales and marketing
  • Finding his true purpose in life to make a bigger difference
  • Growing up in a business environment


[05:57 – 12:39] The Essence of Adaptability in Leading

  • Realizing and recognizing the differences between people
  • Target to effectively compartmentalize and be able to reach down to the agents.
  • Nothing is as rewarding as building a real connection with human beings.
  • Application in solidifying business relations
  • If you don’t focus on relationships and just focus on the dollar, clients will go.
  • Let them be heard

[12:40 – 21:47] The Power of Self-Education in Leadership Mastery

  • Getting started in self-education
  • There are numerous methods to try:
  • Reading books
  • Taking online courses
  • Provide access to employees, not just the management. It allows them to identify with the company.
  • Cultivate not only a family-like environment but also implement a principle of low expectation and high output
  • Do not micromanage. Let the results speak for themselves. Train people to be independent thinkers.
  • From in-person to virtual environment
  • Empower the employees to create decisions and realize the course of actions.


[21:48 – 25:37] Closing Segment  

  • The legacy Rohan wants to create:
  • Self-education can turn your life around.
  • Connect with Rohan (links below) 
  • Visit his website, Linkedin, and more! 
  • Join us for Tactical Friday!


Key Quote/s: 

“Come into an environment where they [employees] feel like they’re a family versus just working. But on the other end, the way we run is low expectation, high output.” – Rohan Sheth

“Yes, you work for me, but I also wanted to be a place where you can actually enjoy and going down that entire investing into your team just builds a culture of its own.” – Rohan Sheth

Connect with Rohan

Visit his website at

Watch his content at

Follow his Instagram at @rohan_sheth_

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Zack sits down with CEO’s and experts to share tactical knowledge of how to become a better leader and create a more effective, safe environment for your team. Zack offers consulting and podcast coaching and runs Knight Protection Services, LLC, a company that helps busy executives build a winning culture through safety and security.

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