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Monday's Interview

“To look at ourselves with full honesty, we have to embrace our essence and our shadow, our gifts, and our wounds…There can be a lot of shame and a lot of fear and a lot of anger… Hold that with grace.” – Sean Harvey

In today’s episode, Sean Harvey discusses the true meaning of intimacy and compassion. He highlights the importance of acknowledging humanity behind all the labels and identities being forced on us in society. Listen as he shares insightful thoughts of how men can better show up by understanding themselves better and walking on the path to healing.

Sean Harvey is the Chief Compassion Officer of Warrior Compassion Men’s Studio and author of his upcoming book: Warrior Compassion: Unlocking the Healing Power in Men. His work in personal, organizational, and societal transformation is inspired by 20+years of Purpose, Talent, and Organization Development consulting combined with having served on the faculties of Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY teaching courses in Leadership, Management, and Organizational Behavior & Change. Sean is a former Wall Street consultant turned ordained interfaith minister working with police and law enforcement who brings a compassion-centered and soul-inspired approach into personal growth and organizational systems design.

[00:01 – 05:08] What it Takes to Cultivate Compassion

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  • Sean Harvey on being a bunny dad and cultivating compassion
  • Defining a warrior’s compassion and how men claim this identity

[05:09 – 14:06] Do Not Over Intellectualize Emotion

  • How easy it is to get caught up with the titles of our profession
  • Getting out of the labels and acknowledging our burdens
  • How the definitions of masculinity and femininity are not absolute
  • The four questions for alignment and authenticity

[14:07 – 28:57] Life is a Continuous Pursuit of Clarity

  • Defining intimacy and how we seek a deeper connection
  • The dangers of instant gratification and dehumanizing ourselves
  • Embracing our gifts and wounds and holding them with grace
  • Recognizing our essence and how connected we are in this world

[28:58 – 36:01] Closing Segment

  • The legacy Sean wants to create – helping men heal
  • Connect with Sean (links below) 
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Key Quotes: 

“When we talk about intimacy… [it is] we have the courage to look through all the wounds and all the hurt and all the pain… We can let all that go and we can look within ourselves courageously and honestly.” – Sean Harvey

“It’s that energy of warrior compassion, that fierce compassion that allows us to go within ourselves to start to liberate ourselves into our truths.” – Sean Harvey


Tactical Friday

[00:01 – 00:41] Opening Segment

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[00:42 – 08:21] Action Steps in Developing that Intimacy with Yourself

  • Finding what works for you through meditating, hiking, jogging, create the space
  • Discover creative facilitation and allow yourself to find ways to play
  • Acknowledging how you go off character from time to time
  • Asking yourself existential questions to find deeper truth

[10:57 – 12:05] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Sean (links below) 
  • Closing words
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Key Quote: 

“If you’re feeling activated, charged, take a moment so you are moving from knee-jerk reaction to thoughtful response” – Sean Harvey


Connect with Sean

Check out his website to see its mission of liberating men to courageously walk from a place of deeper consciousness, compassion, and connection in the world, while expanding creativity, authenticity, intimacy, and sense of community in the ways they lead and carry out their missions.  

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